Data Compression

MED Base Compression Software 

MED Base Compression Software 

Version: 1

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MED (Multiscale Electrophysiology Data)

With the highest compression for electrophysiology data, MED Base receives real-time neural data directly from Neuralynx’s Digital Lynx SX and ATLAS Neurophysiology systems. MED Base increases data storage capacity by up to 2000% while increasing the analysis speed of the huge data sets generated by research. The MED Base Software package includes: Format and Libraries for 95% lossless data compression; Acquisition, compression and recording of Raw Data from the DLSX/ATLAS Second Data Port; a basic multi-trace neural data Viewer Program; Converter Utilities that read existing Neuralynx data files (NRD, NCS, NEV) and write lossless compressed data to MED file structures; and a MATLAB Import Utility that decompresses data and loads it into MATLAB data structures for access and analysis.

MED Base includes two levels of secure AES-128 encryption of recorded data and subject information for selective access control between collaborators.

NOTE: MED Base currently runs on Windows 10, Apple MAC OS, and Linux.

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