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December 2016 TechTip

Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7

  • 1. You must already have a registered copy of Windows 7 installed. If you have not yet registered your Windows 7, you will need your product key. Then follow steps 2a and 2b listed below:
  • 2a. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Update & security > Activation.
  • 2b. Select Change product key, and then enter the 25-character product key. Note: Windows 7 Enterprise is not eligible for the free upgrade.
  • 3. Now that your Windows 7 is registered, use this link to start the process of upgrading your system to Windows 10 manually by clicking the upgrade link on this webpage: The page should resemble the one below:
Windows 10 Upgrade Webpage
Windows 10 Upgrade Webpage
  • 4. You may have already received a notice from Windows regarding upgrading to Windows 10. It would appear like the image below:
Windows 10 Automated Upgrade Dialog Box
Windows 10 Automated Upgrade Dialog Box
  • If this is the case, you can use the “Upgrade now” link in this dialog box to have Windows upgrade your system automatically. Or you can select the “Click here” link to schedule a convenient time to have your system automatically upgrade to Windows 10.
  • 5. Some important details to be aware of prior to upgrading to avoid issues after your system has been upgraded. For example, Windows 10 does not have Media Player; this could affect the functionality of your CD/DVD drive. If you have any questions about upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft has a FAQ page available here:
  • 6a. Note: For the best upgrade experience, Microsoft recommends that you wait to upgrade until you receive the notification that Windows 10 is ready for your device
  • 6b. To manually check your system for compatibility with Windows 10, you can use the Get Windows 10 app that should be on your system. If you do not have the Get Windows 10 app, verify that:
    • Your version of Windows 7 is not Windows 7 Enterprise
    • You have Service Pack 1 installed. If you don’t have Service Pack 1 installed, use this link to download and install it:
    • You have Windows Updates turned on. To do this, from the Start menu or screen, search for cmd, right-click on Command Prompt in the results and select Run as administrator. Type or paste the command dism /online /get-packages | findstr 3035583 – if the update is installed, you will get a return with Package identity followed by a string of information. If nothing is returned, the update is not installed, and you need to check for updates and install it.
    • Windows 7: also run the command dism /online /get-packages | findstr 2952664 If this update is not installed, install it now.

Neuralynx will support Windows 7 through the release of Cheetah Software 5.8.