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February 2015 TechTip

Remote Support

Whether by phone, email or on site, Neuralynx provides unsurpassed technical support for all our products to ensure that our customers experience the smoothest possible implementation of their experiments. In addition to these standard troubleshooting methods, Neuralynx can remotely access your computer via our Neuralynx Remote Support application. Based on TeamViewer, it is a secure, remote desktop program with optimized graphics for effective control and viewing of Cheetah displays.

The Remote Support application is installed with the Cheetah Data Acquisition Software (5.3 or newer). For a computer without Cheetah, simply download the remote application.

An Internet connection is required for this software to function.

The Neuralynx Remote Support application is located in the Neuralynx program file folder (or use the Start menu search box). Once started, the following screen will appear:

The User ID and Password are automatically generated and should be provided to your support representative. (The Password is unique and only valid for the duration of the session.)Once logged-in, we will review the relevant hardware and software settings, including Configuration Files, Cheetah Settings, drivers and Windows OS setup. We can then start Cheetah and view the operation and see all displays in near real-time in order to quickly diagnose and resolve problems. If necessary, your data files can be downloaded for further analysis.

The Remote Support Application allows us to view your full computer screen and interact with your system as if we were “by your side.” It is most effective if we are also connected by phone to facilitate explanations and answer questions.

Please contact us in advance to arrange and prepare for the session, or with any further questions: or

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