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July 2016 TechTip

Neuraview File Splitting

Neuraview is an offline data file viewing utility for experiment data review in a “multi-trace oscilloscope” format. It includes additional features for Event Record editing and experiment file “splitting.” File splitting is typically used to separate “sessions” of an experiment - such as “sleep1,” “awake” and “sleep2” - for separate data analysis processing.

Loading & Splitting Files

Step 1. Load one or multiple files from the same recording session into Neuraview, including the Events.nev file. Either drag files directly into the Neuraview window or select the Open File button in the fly-out menu at the top of the window (ctrl+o).
Important Note: Files must be from the same recording session since Neuraview can load multiple files from different recording sessions but any data synchronization / alignment may be invalid.
Files can be split at any Event Record. If needed, Neuraview allows users to add new Event markers (ctrl+shft+n) into the data set. This allows for selecting a custom location to split one or all the files. These new Event markers can be edited at any time by dragging them to a specific location or by entering a specific timestamp value in the Event markers property window.

Step 2. Select the Split File button located in the fly-out menu at the top of the window.

Step 3. Select the Events at which you want to start the split and end the split. This can be done multiple times, depending on the number of available Event markers.

Step 4. Next, select which of the files in Neuraview you want to split. This can be one or any number of files loaded.

Step 5. Decide if the files will be saved in the same location as the original files, or in a new location. The new files will be renamed so the original files will remain intact and unaltered.

Neuraview is a free download.

The Neuraview installation package contains the Neuraview QuickStart manual that covers the software operation.

Windows® Vista SP2 or newer is required.