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July 2015 TechTip

MATLAB® Import and Export MEX Files V6.0

Our recently released Version 6.0 of MATLAB Import and Export MEX files library for Windows adds support for 64-bit MATLAB, allowing larger memory usage in data analysis and utility programs. All previous functionality is maintained to allow existing MATLAB code to run unchanged. Version 6.0 supports MATLAB R2012b (8.0) and higher.

All versions of the library functions allow the researcher to easily import (Nlx2Mat) and export (Mat2Nlx) all Neuralynx data file types to and from MATLAB variables and vectors. Each import and export function has several different “modes” for reading and writing desired subsets of file data, for example, by timestamp or record index ranges. Data file record fields may be selectively read into vectors, minimizing memory usage for only necessary information.

Neuralynx file types:

  • Continuously Sampled Channels (.ncs)
  • Event Records (.nev)
  • Spike Channels (.nse, .nst, .ntt)
  • VideoTracking (.nvt)
  • Raw Data Files (.nrd)
  • Timestamps (.nts)
  • Error Log Files (.ner)

For more Neuralynx file format details, view: Neuralynx Data File Formats

To download Version 6.0: click here For several offline example programs using this library: click here For real-time access to Cheetah data records see our NetCom-MATLAB tools: click here For real-time Cheetah data processing examples using NetCom-MATLAB tools: click here

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