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May 2019 TechTip

Halo-5 Microdrive Assembly

Watch as we assemble a Halo-5 Microdrive, covering some of our recommended best practices. This video may also provide a useful reference for assembling a Halo-10-Mini Microdrive. Please note this video only covers assembly until drive is ready for tetrodes. This video does NOT cover tetrode preparation, EIB pinning, or subject surgery.

0:06 - Package contents
0:44 - Drive screw & shuttle installation
2:43 - Testing shuttle movement
3:15 - Fastening exit tip
3:42 - Retest shuttle movement
4:04 - Inserting polymicro capillary tubing
6:18 - Fastening polymicro to shuttles
7:06 - Trimming polymicro
7:21 - Loading & aligning microdrive in assembly jig