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September 2015 TechTip

ATLAS Neurophysiology System for Cogneuro Applications

Ideal for Multiple, Interacting Subject Psychophysiology Experiments

The ATLAS Neurophysiology System (ATLAS) – Neuralynx’s clinical version of the Digital Lynx SX - is best known for advanced invasive human single unit micro-wire recording, but these same attributes make ATLAS ideal for psychophysiology scalp EEG research studies. With up to 256 recording channels, researchers may now record multiple subjects simultaneously.

ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier

ATLAS Features:

  • 24-bit A/D converters for low noise and large dynamic input range
  • Low noise: 1.3µv rms
  • Wide DC to 8 KHz recording bandwidth
  • 40 KHz simultaneous sampling rate for High Frequency Oscillation signals
  • Input Range: +/- 132 millivolt AC to avoid clipping during most artifacts
  • True DC recording with 2 volt expanded range for any electrode offset voltage
  • Large input reference switching arrays for montage flexibility and differential EMG recording
  • Pegasus: high performance software for extended experiments, saving all raw acquisition data and HD video streams

In the past two years, Neuralynx developed a series of 64 channel clinical buffered headboxes to improve recorded signal quality and drastically reduce external noise, while allowing electrical stimulation to be applied directly to the electrodes. These headboxes are also ideal for cognitive neuroscience research applications, providing high-density headcap connections for quick subject setup and redundant touch proof inputs.

ATLAS HC Headbox
ATLAS HC Headbox

ATLAS provides active ground circuitry for safe, isolated noise reduction. The flexible programmable referencing capabilities support multi-subject studies, with a dedicated active ground drive for each subject. With all subjects connected to a common system, data file timestamps are perfectly synchronized to the micro-second.

ATLAS System Diagram
ATLAS System Diagram