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Webinar: Advancements in Wireless Technology

Published: April 14, 2018

During this webinar, Casey Stengel provides an introductory overview of our all-in-one, wireless headstage and data acquisition system for neuronal research in freely moving, untethered subjects. He explains how the system has been purpose built to enable the study of research animals in social environments by allowing multiple transmitters in the same area, pulling data to local drives.

Following, Dr. John A. Wolf provides two case studies highlighting his work with the technology focused on long term chronic affects of traumatic brain injury, including the development of post traumatic epilepsy.

Next, Dr. Kari Hoffman presents research using our wireless systems for wireless multi-site recordings in freely-behaving macaques. She discusses experimental design, common challenges and shares preliminary data demonstrating the system’s capabilities future possibilities for studies involving non-human primates. The webinar closes with a Q&A session held with the presentation group.

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