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Neuralynx: A Premium Partner of WIRED 2019

Published: November 13, 2019

​Neuralynx is pleased to partner with WIRED 2019 (Workshop on Intracranial Recordings in humans : Epilepsy, DBS) taking place November 19th and 20th at ICM in Paris France.

WIRED (Workshop on Intracranial Recordings in humans: Epilepsy, DBS) 2019 is a focused workshop of leading international neuro researchers, medical professionals, and solutions providers gathering to pool knowledge, share discoveries, and lend creative insight towards diagnosing and treating neurological pathologies. With the end goal of understanding, relieving, or preventing symptoms like epilepsy, memory loss, language disorders, anxiety, and depression, researchers achieve new discoveries every year through intracranial recording, DBS, and the usage of ever-adapting technical solutions. Through partnerships with companies like Neuralynx, the WIRED workshop allows scientists to share and build upon the latest knowledge via presentations, poster sessions, and discussion.

Neuralynx is excited to play a part bringing forward the future of neurophysiology and the inspiring therapeutic solutions this field of study promises.

Find out more at the WIRED website:

ICM in Paris France, location of WIRED 2019
ICM in Paris France, location of WIRED 2019

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