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Now Hiring: Software Engineer

Fulltime at HQ - Bozeman, Montana

We are looking for a software engineer to join a dynamic engineering team to help us deliver quality products to our customers. Our cutting-edge products are used in medical and research facilities to expand human knowledge in neuroscience and neurology. You will have the opportunity to work on innovative software projects, new hardware systems, and applications focused on providing customers with the neural signal data acquisition and analysis tools they require.

About the Job

In this job, you’ll be focused on software engineering for distributed Ethernet/wireless data acquisition devices, high performance graphics display, and advanced signal processing. You will have the opportunity to work closely with hardware engineers to develop specifications, software, and test suites to validate and support new data acquisition devices, update existing legacy software to support customers and new features, and develop and maintain utilities to provide analysis for large, complex data sets. You will have the opportunity to impact the visualization of our product, working to define and enhance our applications’ UI.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 2+ years software development experience
  • Front end graphical user interface experience; design, develop, optimization
  • Strong Experience with C/modern C++/C#, Visual Studio
  • CICD methodology
  • Agile development process and principles
  • Design, code and debug windows applications
  • Software application release process; nightly/automated builds and testing, revisioning
  • Expert knowledge of Git, gitlab, gitlab-runner

About the Culture

Here at Neuralynx, we value the engineering culture and work hard to maintain a productive and happy work environment. We encourage our engineers to learn, grow, and apply their passions to their daily job. The attributes that we look for include:

  • Being a team player. We look for engineers for whom no job is too small. We work together as a team to provide the best possible experience for our customers.
  • Interested in learning. We want engineers who are curious to understand the how and the why of what they do, who are aware and thinking about how their code interacts with the operating system, and generally interested in the problem space. Our engineers need to be good mentors to their fellow teammates and open to be mentored.
  • Passion for testing. In our development process, every engineer is responsible for the quality of the product. This requires that everyone is focused on producing code that is easily testable, modular, and correct. As engineers, we are responsible for unit, functional, and system-level testing.
  • Focus on quality. Neuralynx products are the best in the field, and our customers demand the best. Our engineers are constantly focused on quality, whether it is consumer software, internal utilities, or engineering infrastructure. We desire to work with teammates who won’t hesitate to speak up when they see inefficiencies that can be improved or technology adoptions that can aid in our efforts.

To Apply...

send a brief cover letter with your résumé/CV to
Neuralynx Human Resources: