Warp Drive Pusher

Provides the most accurate “electrode-in-cannula” depth adjustment possible for Warp Drive electrodes.

Developed in conjunction with the Dr. Bruce McNaughton at the University of Arizona.

Digital micrometer head controls the extension of the .005” stainless steel wire used to push the electrode down into the cannula of a Warp Drive.

Since the .005” wire is not strong or stiff enough to apply any more than a small amount of force on the electrode without bending or deflection, the Warp Drive Pusher uses a 30 gage cannula to support the .005” wire.

  • Digital micrometer head controls 5 mil steel wire extension

  • Two electrode pushing methods

  • Depth: 25mm

  • 2 replacement pusher tips
Travel 25 mm
Stainless Steel Wire .005 inches