Tetrode Assembly Station

Workstation base and all necessary items (except the wire) to create custom tetrodes, as well as twisted wire electrodes of any type.

Also provides a convenient environment for assembly and plating of tetrodes in Halo, Versa and Harlan microdrives.

  • Ball-bearing wire holder/dispenser

  • Detachable stand mounted to the base to hold microdrives while plating

  • Tetrode Spinner 2.0 - a digital spin counter that spins the tetrode wire using a magnetically attached alligator clip

  • Tetrode Spinner 2.0 (also sold separately)
  • wire holder
  • plating receptacles
  • magnifying glasses
  • heat gun
  • bone anchor screws
  • stainless steel grounding wire
  • Soft Tip Technik tweezers
  • 4.5" cutters/pliers
  • IRIS scissors
  • syringe
  • titanium anode rod
  • protective cover for spool


ConfigurationHeat Gun
Tetrode Assembly Station
For North American or 120V users.
120 V
Tetrode Assembly Station-Euro
For European users.
220 V


Base Mass 12.1 Kg