HS-18-MM-Stim (retired)

Buffered 18 channel stim headstage with shielded Litz wire and Mill-Max 18 connector. Includes a switch array to stimulate and record from any channel.

For use with VersaDrive-4 and VersaDrive-8 microdrives.

Deliver stimulation current to microwire recording electrodes and stimulation probes with a small switch array for each electrode connection.

NOTE: First time users of the HS-18-MM-Stim are required to purchase the following items for use with Digital Lynx SX and the external stimulus device:

  • HS-18-Stim Test Board
  • HS-XX-Stim Interface Board (specific to Digital Lynx SX model) with ribbon cable and blue jumper
  • Two 2-Pin BNCs

  • Embedded micro-controller stores and executes stimulation sequences

  • Software controlled stimulus sequences deliver to multiple electrodes simultaneously

  • Record neural activity immediately after stimulation with DC coupled Digital Lynx SX input boards.

  • 2 Mill-Max 18 pin headers


Custom tether lengths
0.5 - 7 meters


Channels 16
References 2
Differential Stim Lines 0
Grounds 1
Mass 4.3 grams
Length 24.4 mm
Width 12.0 mm
Height 3.1 mm
Video Tracking LEDs none
Input Connector Mill-Max 18 socket
Output Connector µDB37
Tether 3m shielded Litz wire
* Neuralynx is not a distributor of Mill-Max parts.

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