64 channel multiplexing (MUX) headstage for digitizing analog neural signals on the headstage.

Headstage includes an attached twisted pair digital tether and µDB25 connector. For use with Halo-18, Harlan 12 and Harlan 28 microdrives.

The HS-64-mux headstage consists of two 32 channel mux headstages connected to a single tether at the “Y” junction close to the headstages.

Combine analog and digital (MUX) headstages on Digital Lynx SX-M systems.

  • 30 kHz sampling rate

  • 16 bit resolution

  • +/- 5 mV input range

  • dual fixed reference

Sold Separately:
  • Digital Lynx SX-M
    Purchase new Digital Lynx SX-M or...
  • Digital Lynx SX-M Upgrade
    Upgrade existing Digital Lynx 4/16 SX with the Digital Lynx SX-M Upgrade for a direct connection from MUX headstages to Digital Lynx SX for 16 to 128 channel configurations. Contact sales@neuralynx.com for upgrade details.
  • MDR50 to uDB25 Tether Extension
    Required to connect a Saturn Commutator to a Digital Lynx SX-M. 1 Tether Extension cable per 64 channel MUX headstage.
  • HS-36 Impedance Plug
    Provides different resistance values in banks of 4 channels for multiple testing applications.


1 meter
2 meters
3 meters


Channels 64
References 2
Differential Stim Lines 0
Grounds 2
Mass 4.5 grams
Length 26.7 mm
Width 19.3 mm
Height 1.9 mm
Video Tracking LEDs none
Optogenetic LEDs none
Input Connector Omnetics 44 socket X 2
Output Connector µDB25
Tether twisted pair digital
*Neuralynx is not a distributor of Omnetics parts.