Buffered 16 channel headstage with QuickClip® connectors and video tracking LED sockets.

For use with Halo-5 and Harlan 4 microdrives.

HS-16-QC-LED features Neuralynx’s patented QuickClip® connection method, allowing the headstage to magnetically self-align and then initiate the connection to the electrode interface board with minimal insertion force. Connection is completed with a simple “snap.”

  • near zero insertion force

  • no exposed pins to bend or break

  • high number of connect/disconnect cycles without loss of signal

  • 2 sockets for 10V video tracking LEDs
  • Note: Blue, Red, Green or Infrared 10V Video Tracking LEDs sold separately.


Channels 16
References 2
Differential Stim Lines 2 pair
Grounds 1
Mass 1.4 grams
Diameter 17.0
Video Tracking LEDs 2 sockets
Input Connector QuickClip 16
Output Connector Omnetics 26 pin
Tether sold separately