Provides up to 10 independently drivable shuttles to position up to 8 tetrodes with 11mm shuttle travel. Two additional shuttles available for fiber optics or reference electrodes.

Our Halo Microdrives are discounted 15% through April 1.

Custom “half moon” drive screw head and calibrated Turn Tool provide positive, accurate 16 micron depth adjustment.

Halo-10 Exit Tips interface into craniotomy and dictate electrode insertion pattern. We provide two guides to determine which Exit Tip pattern best meets your needs:

  • Halo-10 Microdrive Exit Tip Configuration Guide
  • Halo-10 Microdrive Exit Tip Design Guide

Customizable Exit Tip patterns are also available per custom design.

Contact for guides and details.

Halo-10 microdrives seamlessly integrate with Neuralynx’s FreeLynx wireless data acquisition systems for signal recording.

Note: All Halo-10 Microdrive components and hardware also sold separately. See User Manual for suggested sources for recommended adhesives and additional tools.

  • Standard and customizable Exit Tip patterns

  • Reusable (up to 3)

  • Lightweight, solid and durable with short profile reducing head torque

  • Less expensive and easier to build

  • Optogenetic Fiber Mounted LEDS (FLEDs) may be loaded as a drive shuttle

  • All necessary components and hardware to build 1 Halo-10 Microdrive, including Omnetics adapter.
Sold Separately:
  • Halo-10 Assembly Kit
    Recommended for use. Includes Assembly Jig, Halo-10 Stereotaxic Mount and Halo Microdrive Turn Tool
  • Halo-10 Protective Caps
    Recommended for easy installation and removal, and safe animal storage.
    2 Cap options available:
    • QuickClip® for magnetic connection
    • Omnetics


Tetrode Drives 8
Reference Drives 2
Grounds 1
Travel 11 mm
Pitch 250 microns
Drive Resolution 16 microns (1/16 turn)
Mass 6 grams
Diameter 35.1 mm
Height 37.5 mm
Comments Internal grounding screw pass through
*Neuralynx is not a distributor of Omnetics parts