FLED Driver

Stand-alone current source driver with 3 output channels for precision real-time stimulus sequencing and delivery.

Requires Pulse 2.0 Software. For use with Fiber Mounted LEDs (FLEDs) that are integrated into Halo Microdrives.

LED drive current is delivered through the tether-headstage-EIB differential stimulus channels.

  • 3 output channels

  • ​Current pump-based driver topology

  • External trigger & set point control

  • Reverses bias when outputs are in “OFF” state – eliminating unexpected illumination

  • Pulse 2.0 software interface for defining and storing light stimulus sequences
  • 34-pin TTL I/O Cable to synchronize stimulation delivery with Digital Lynx SX/SX-M and Cheetah
  • USB cable and power supply


Current 350 mA
Stimulation Frequency 5 kHz
Output Port (Sync) 8 bit TTL
Input Port (External Triggers) 8 bit TTL
Stim Port Banana Plugs (3 pairs)
Com Port USB
Power 12 V