Provides microwire connections to a 72 channel QuickClip® headstage.

Mounts directly on a Halo-18 Microdrive and Harlan 12/28 Drives.

Patented QuickClip® connection method.

  • Magnetically self-aligning

  • Less stress on animal and researcher

  • High cycle count connector

  • Near zero insertion force and no exposed pins to bend or break

  • Low profile reducing head torque

Sold Separately:
  • QC-72-Cover
    Cover for QuickClip® EIBs and adapters to protect connectors from damage or debris.


Channels 64
References 8
Differential Stim Lines 4
Grounds 1
Mass 1.6 grams
Diameter 28.96 mm
EIB Pins Large
Connection QuickClip 72
Microdrive Halo-18
Harlan 12/28