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Digital Lynx Combo Board

Increases the maximum channel count of the Digital Lynx SX system from 256 to 512 channels in a single Digital Lynx 16SX chassis. One Combo Board performs both analog-to-digital signal conversion and digitally controlled reference selection - at a lower cost per channel.

User Selectable Sampling Rate: between 16KSPS - 40KSPS (2KSPS increments)

  • Sample at lower rate to save disk space
  • Sample at higher rate for greater temporal resolution

Software Selectable Referencing:

  • 8 local or global analog references for A/D converters per Combo Board
    • Select local reference for A/D converters via software
    • Selected reference comes from Combo Board itself
  • 8 global reference bus channels for referencing between boards

    • Select global reference for A/D converters via software
    • Selected reference comes from a different Combo Board

  • Replaces the Hybrid Input Board and DRS-36 Board pair:

    • 1 Combo Board = 32 channels
    • 16 Combo Boards = 512 channels
  • 24 bit A/D converters (value of 6th bit is 1 µV) - ensures wide input range & high voltage precision

  • 32 simultaneously sampling A/D converters

  • Simultaneous sampling across all channels and system

  • Lower cost per channel


Channels 32
References 8
Global References 8
Stimulus Pairs 2
A/D Conversion Resolution 24 bit
Sample Rates 16 - 40 kHz
AC Input Range (> 1 Hz) ±132 mV
DC Input Range > ±1 V
Common Mode Rejection Ratio: > 105 dB at 60 Hz
Input Referred Noise ≤ 1.3 µVRMS
Input Connector MDR50
Global Reference Connector MDR26