Features a multiplexing (MUX) headstage adapter as the interface between the multiplexing headstage and the Digital Lynx SX.

SX-M upgrade provides a direct connection from MUX headstages to the Digital Lynx SX-M for 16 to 128 channel configurations. Upgraded system supports the flexibility to record from either/both analog and digital MUX headstages.

Cheetah license is transferable between systems - saving you money on all system upgrades.

Contact sales@neuralynx.com for upgrade details.

  • Supports 16 to 128 channels - up to two 64 channel MUX headstages

  • Digitize neural signals on the headstage

  • Reduce tether cable wire count, weight and size

  • Record from either/both analog and digital MUX headstages

  • Easy upgrade to existing Digital Lynx 4SX and 16SX systems

  • Lower system cost - ideal solution for secondary or startup labs

  • Digital Lynx SX motherboard faceplate and interface PC Board.
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MUX Channels up to 128
MUX References 1 per 32 channel bank fixed
Noise ≤ 2.5 µVRMS
Resolution 16 bit
Dynamic Input Range ±5 mV
Sample Rates 16 - 30 kHz in 2 kHz steps
8-bit TTL I/O Ports 4
Signal Inputs AC coupled (0.1 Hz to 8 kHz)
Front Panel D/A Outputs 4 outputs through two 1/8" stereo jacks with ±1 V input range
Input Connector µDB25