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Configurable wireless digital acquisition system, providing up to 256 configurable channels of wide bandwidth wireless neural recording with reliable transmission up to 10 meters, depending on environment.

Very flat frequency response to accurately record both low-frequency Alpha and Theta oscillations, and high-frequency Single Unit Action Potentials.

Cube2 utilizes a separate, customizable Analog Front End (AFE) interface that easily adapts to multiple Cube2 standard configurations. This enables the user to optimize weight distribution, record from multiple implant sites, adapt to varying channel counts, or incorporate animal physiology sensors. With this technology, Neuralynx is able to rapidly develop custom AFEs – in 32 channel increments - to meet specified multi-site implant requirements.

Comprehensive line of Cube2 accessories, including omni-directional video tracking LEDs and securely mounted self-aligning QuickClip® EIBs.

Cube2 - Advancements in Wireless Technology for Single Unit Electrophysiology Recording
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  • Option #1: Up to 2 Cube2s can simultaneously record signals directly to a single Digital Lynx SX

    • Record 64 or 128 channels from each Cube2
    • Allows simultaneous recording of both wireless and wired data
    • Provides real-time signal processing with HPP
  • Option #2: Write data to directly to an onboard microSD card

    • Records up to 256 channels per Cube2
    • Up to 2 Cube2s can simultaneously record signals
  • Option #3: 1 Cube2 records up to 128 channels directly to a Cheetah workstation

  • Features:

    • 9-axis motion tracking (gyro, accelerometer, compass)
    • Rechargeable battery options up to 24+ hour recording
    • Backpack option to reduce weight on subject’s head and neck
  • WiFi Access Point connects to Cheetah workstation or Digital Lynx SX/SX-M for wireless acquisition
  • IR Transmitter & Receiver for remotely powering Cube2 on/off
  • Power tether for continuous recording without battery
  • Power Stick for powering Cube2 on/off while Protective Cover is installed
  • USB Charging Hub for recharging Cube2 batteries
Sold Separately:
  • Simulation Training Weights
    Simulates mass and balance of Cube2 to prepare subjects.
  • Custom Protective Covers
    Prevents NHP subjects from damaging Cube2.
  • 3.3V Video Tracking LEDs
    Omni-directional video tracking LEDs.
  • QuickClip EIBs
    Securely mounted self-aligning QuickClip® EIBs.
  • High Capacity Micro SD Card
    Install on each Cube2 to record data locally to the SD Card.


Dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 mm
Base Mass 11.5 grams
Transmission Range up to 10 meters, depending on environment
Resolution 16 bit
Sample Rates up to 30 kHz per channel
Frequency Range 0.1 Hz - 8 kHz from each electrode
Input Range +/-5 mV
Noise < 2.5 μV RMS (input referred)
Power Source quick-change battery or power tether with no hassle swap
Battery Run Time 30 minutes to 24+ hours, depending on battery

Cube2 Analog Front End (AFE) Configuration Options:

Cube2 AFE Configuration Options

Wireless Setups Mass Comparisons:

Cube2 Wireless Setups Mass Comparisons

“Our lab has experimented with a number of wireless data acquisition systems for both rodent and primate electrophysiology. We are very pleased with the recording quality and overall performance of Neuralynx’s Cube2 - which we find to be virtually indistinguishable from traditional wired systems. We would happily recommend this device for any researcher seeking a reliable and user friendly system for performing wireless electrophysiology recording.”

Carol A. Barnes, Ph.D. Director, ARL Division of Neural Systems, Memory and Aging, University of Arizona