Connects Neuralynx 36-channel headstages to the Blackrock Microsystems® pedestal connector

​This adapter uses a grid of surface contacts to connect to the Blackrock pedestal. These contacts pass through to four Omnetics 44-pin connectors, for use with Neuralynx headstages and acquisition systems. Each headstage connector enables manual selection of ground, reference 1, or reference 2 by via two jumpers.

  • Threaded freely spinning nut for adapter retention

  • Posts for precision contact alignment

  • Allows connection of stimulation pads

  • Manual selection of ground, reference 1, or reference 2 via jumper placement

  • Ten 2-pin jumpers for mechanical reference selection
Channels 128
References 2
Differential Stim Lines 8
Grounds 2
Input Connector Blackrock Pedestal
Headstage Connector Omnetics 44 X 4
Mass 7.5 grams
Length 30.5 mm
Width 22.1 mm
Height 13.1 mm
Blackrock Microsystems is a registered trademark of Blackrock Microsystems, LLC

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