Connects a computer’s parallel port to the TTL I/O Ports on Digital Lynx systems.

2 meter 34-conductor flat ribbon cable with nickel plated DB25 male connector and gold plated 2-row, 34 position IDC connector. Used to mate TTL signals between a device with DB25 female parallel port and the Neuralynx 2x17 Pin TTL I/O Ports on the Cheetah32/64 Analog systems, Digital Lynx S and Digital Lynx SX systems. The cable can be connected to either Port 0/Port 1 or Port 2/Port 3 of the Digital Lynx Front Panel.

  • supports older experiment control systems with DB25 printer port pinouts

  • uses standard DB25 Printer Port mapping

Connector 1 DB25 Male
Connector 2 34-pin IDC
Cable Length 2 meters