2Pin to BNC Cable

Provides a signal and ground BNC connection for signals from 2 pins of a male IDC-panel-mount ribbon-cable style connector.

May be plugged directly onto two adjacent pins or inserted into 2Pin-C34 carrier body for convenient cable management.

  • Used for Digital Lynx TTL DIO port connectors

  • Used for 10 pin stimulus inputs on Digital Lynx Combo and DRS-36 GRB boards

  • Used for Lynx-8 Monitor connector

  • Two 2Pin to BNC Cables may be used with the HS-XX-Stim Interface to the Digital Lynx SX and the external stim device.

Sold Separately:
  • 2Pin-C34
    34-pin configuration connects up to 17 2Pin to BNC Cables into a male 34-pin IDC connector.
Cable Length 1 meter