15mm Fiber Mounted LEDs

Deliver optogenetic stimulation from directly inside a Halo microdrive.

Miniaturized LED light source and fiber waveguide module integrated into a single Halo-5 or Halo-10-Mini Microdrive shuttle to deliver optogenetic stimulation from directly inside the microdrive.

Simplified optical assembly increases stimulus consistency and consistent light delivery: no optical connections, patch cords, ferrules or FORJ.

LED drive current is delivered through the tether-headstage-EIB differential stimulus channels

FLED Driver with Pulse 2.0 software is required for use.

  • 4 color options: blue, amber, red and green

  • Integrated into microdrive shuttle - depth adjustment process identical to tetrodes

  • Mount up to 3 modules in 1 microdrive - same color or combine to mix colors

  • Integrates optogenetic stimulation into existing Neuralynx systems, including wireless systems

  • Output cable(s) for Digital Lynx SX and SX-M.
Sold Separately:
  • FLED Driver with Pulse 2.0 Software
    Stand-alone FLED Driver with 3 output channels for precision real-time stimulus sequencing and delivery. Software stores and triggers up to 255 user-defined sequences.
  • Omnetics 44 Litz FLED Tether, Omnetics 26 to uDB37 FLED Tether, HS-32/64-MUX-FLED
    Twisted pair stim tether. Connects headstage to acquisition system and transports current from FLED Driver to FLED modules.


Blue LED
465 nm10 mW
Green LED
525 nm5 mW
Amber LED
590 nm5 mW
625 nm5 mW


Mass 0.2 grams
Dimensions 9 x 4 x 5 mm
Shuttle Drive Screw 1 mm
Fiber Waveguide Diameter 200 µm / microns
Fiber Length 15 mm