HPP Now Included

Digital Lynx SX now includes real-time, closed loop tech at no cost.
Analyze and respond to input signals in less than 1 millisecond.

Advanced Data Acquisition & Experiment Control

Neuralynx develops intuitive, high-density, low-noise electrophysiology systems with customizable features and devices. These complete solutions are designed to meet the specific performance and data quality demands of each experiment. Systems and components are available for both Basic Neuroscience Research and Human Electrophysiology Research applications. Decades of innovation, flexible integrations, and loyal support of our partners — that’s why over 1000 animal and clinical research labs choose Neuralynx.

ATLAS Neurophysiology System

The complete solution for human single unit recording with one integrated, high performance, data acquisition system.

Rev. 1.0     2018 - 05 - 09

Featured News
Neuralynx: A Premium Partner of WIRED 2019
Continuing our mission to partner with researchers and transform neuroscience technology, Neuralynx is partnering with WIRED 2019 at ICM in Paris, France. Come to the workshop to see how the latest in intracranial recordings, deep brain stimulus, and epileptic focus localization is opening new frontiers in human medical solutions.


Published: November 13, 2019

Open Data Set of Human Single Neuron Activity Published
Researchers from the Rutishauser lab at Cedars Sinai have recently published an open data set in the Nature journal Scientific Data.


Published: April 15, 2018