real-time, closed loop signal processing with HPP

analyze and respond to input signals in less than 1 millisecond
detect gamma band, sharp wave ripple and theta band oscillation power
HPP included in every Digital Lynx SX – at no additional cost

Scheduled on-site maintenance & training
Urgent on-site support & troubleshooting
Up to 20% discount for 5-year plan

Advanced Data Acquisition & Experiment Control

Neuralynx develops intuitive, high-density, low-noise electrophysiology systems with customizable features and devices – specifically designed to meet the performance and data quality demands of your experiment. We provide acquisition system and component solutions for both basic neuroscience and human neurophysiology research environments.
Decades of innovation, flexible integrations and the loyal support of our partners — that’s why over 1100 animal and clinical research labs choose Neuralynx.

Human single unit recording with one integrated, high performance, data acquisition system.

Rev. 1.0     2020 - 09 - 23

Research Using Neuralynx Tech...
Supramammillary neurons projecting to the septum regulate dopamine and motivation for environmental interaction in mice

Andrew J. Kesner, Rick Shin, Coleman B. Calva, Reuben F. Don, Sue Junn, Christian T. Potter, Leslie A. Ramsey, Ahmed F. Abou-Elnaga, Christopher G. Cover, Dong V. Wang, Hanbing Lu, Yihong Yang & Satoshi Ikemoto
May 2021

Directional tuning in the hippocampal formation of birds

Elhanan Ben-Yishay, Ksenia Krivoruchko, Shaked Ron, Nachum Ulanovsky, Dori Derdikman, & Yoram Gutfreund
May 2021

Stress enhances hippocampal neuronal synchrony and alters ripple-spike interaction

Anupratap Tomara, Denis Polygalov, Sumantra Chattarji, & Thomas J. McHugh
May 2021

An amygdala circuit that suppresses social engagement

Jeong-Tae Kwon, Changhyeon Ryu, Hyeseung Lee, Alec Sheffield, Jingxuan Fan, Daniel H. Cho, Shivani Bigler, Heather A. Sullivan, Han Kyung Choe, Ian R. Wickersham, Myriam Heiman, & Gloria B. Choi
March 2021