Our innovative Hardware Processing Platform (HPP) interface is a low-latency platform that connects directly to the Digital Lynx SX motherboard providing real-time data analysis and response for low-latency, closed loop, feedback stimulation experiments.
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Available January 2016!

HPP - Hardware Processing Platform

Sub-Millisecond Real-Time Signal Processing

Our innovative Hardware Processing Platform (HPP) interface is a low-latency platform that connects directly to the Digital Lynx SX motherboard providing real-time data analysis and response for low-latency, closed loop, feedback stimulation experiments. With the HPP, you can now analyze and respond to input signals in less than 1 millisecond! HPP can execute experiment stimuli with precise control of Digital Lynx SX analog and digital outputs.

HPP Chart

HPP Features:

  • Low latency spike classification (<1msec)
  • Oscillation detection – narrow band low frequency (Alpha, Theta, gamma)
  • Program fast logic & processors with Simulink® and MATLAB®
  • Integrates into Digital Lynx SX for real-time processing of all inputs
  • Stimulate with Digital Lynx SX analog & digital outputs
  • Development libraries & example code included
  • Complex stimulation sequences & precision TTL pulse trains

With HPP and its programming tools - Simulink® (Basic block programming), C++ (RTOS) and VHDL (FPGA) – you can perform a wide range of analysis applications, such as spike detection and classification, neural ensemble detection and burst analysis, low frequency narrow band signal response (ie., Alpha, Theta, gamma), digital signal filtering and other DSP functions, experiment control, analog signal output, complex stimulation, and precision TTL pulse trains.

HPP integrates into the Digital Lynx SX for access to all neural signals for real-time data processing at an unprecedented speed, while eliminating operating system latencies with a deterministic response. And you can upgrade your existing Digital Lynx SX systems with the HPP hardware, which includes USB, Ethernet and JTAG connections to interface to external computers for data transfer and monitoring.

Currently in Beta testing, HPP will be available January 2016.
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Cheetah 5.7
High Performance Electrophysiology Recording
& Experiment Control for 8 to 512 Channels

SpikeSort3D Screenshot

Developed over the past 15 years for Single Unit Action Potential and LFP research experiments, Cheetah 5.7 excels in neural signal processing, display, recording, video tracking and network data distribution for customized, online experiment analysis and control. Through excellent software design and efficient CPU usage, Cheetah is able to process 512 input electrode channels with the flexibility to easily configure electrode input channel assignments and signal processing options needed for your specific experiments.

Cheetah seamlessly integrates with all current Neuralynx hardware acquisition subsystems - from our Digital Lynx SX, Cube-64 telemetry, and Digital Multiplexing Headstages to our classic Cheetah 32/64 analog amplifier systems - extending the investment you made in your laboratory equipment.

Cheetah 5.7 enhances your ability to focus on custom analysis and control programs for your experiments - without being concerned about the details of data acquisition engineering – with these added features:

  • Native 32- and 64-bit Windows® support for increased memory usage and higher performance
  • Online FFT feedback display window type for quick signal evaluation
  • New data files per recording option
  • Automatic switching of data files at a maximum time for easier handling of smaller files
  • New “Raw Data File” playback options to set starting point and playback file speed adjustments
  • Support for multiple NetCom client applications simultaneously (less need for NetCom Router)

Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

SNAP Sorter & SpikeSort 3D

Spike Classification Tools

Available December 2015
SNAP Sorter
Finally: Consistent Auto-Clustering Results!

The latest tool in our data analysis software line, SNAP (Smart Neural Action Potential) Sorter provides consistent auto-clustering results – classifying and sorting over 100,000 spike files in only several minutes. Developed and used daily by MIT rodent and NHP labs, SNAP Sorter will batch process all electrodes’ spikes in a data set, which are then available for results inspection and final “touch up” with our SpikeSort 3D software.

Spike Classification Tools

SpikeSort3D Screenshot

A spike waveform-to-cell classification tool, SpikeSort 3D integrates with Cheetah via NetCom for online spike sorting, and also runs as a stand-alone offline program for spike classification. Manual clustering modes include convex hulls in 3D space, rectangular boundaries in 2D space, and templates on raw spike waveforms. Fast, smooth 3D display manipulation allows for quick identification and isolation of clusters/cells. SpikeSort 3D handles spike files with greater than 1 million spikes quickly.

Software for Clinical Research Environments

Pegasus Screenshot

Pegasus Software
Extremely Stable,
Long-Term Recording Capability of All Signals

Remote Monitoring Station Screenshot

Remote Monitoring Station (RMS)
Networked Display of Real-Time
Neural Signals & Patient Video

Innovating in Three Neuroscience Research Environments

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