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  • NLX in DC 2014
  • Neuralynx Customers Awarded 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine 
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Society for Neuroscience
November 16-19
Washington DC

Advancing New Technologies


The First Wireless Digital
64 Channel Recording and
Data Acquisition System for Freely Moving Animals

  •  64 channel 30 kHz 16-bit  data acquisition
  •  Consistent signal quality up to
     10 meter range
  •  Record up to EIGHT animals  simultaneously
  •  Run times from 30 minutes
     up to 8 hours
  •  Low noise

    Ideal for Social Interaction Studies and Large Mazes,
    including 3D Mazes

Saturn Commutator

Compact, Light, Durable and Expandable
Powered Commutator for Twist-Free Tethers 

  • Expandable:  18 to 160 channels (1 to 5 headstages)
  • Motorized with micro-torque tether rotation sensor
  • Low profile ceiling mount
  • Supports all Neuralynx headstages with appropriate adapter
  • MDR-50s connect to Digital Lynx DRS and ERP-27
  • Through-bore cannula for optical fiber or fluid delivery


E-Z Prep 

Electrode Impedance Conditioning System
  • Measure and plate up to 80 electrodes quickly
  • Activate or plate silicone probes 
  • Automated Optimum Electrode Plating Algorithms
  • Tetrode Channel Shorting Test
  • In vivo impedance measurements
  • Battery powered and Wi-Fi enabled for complete isolation

Hardware Processing Platform

Real-Time Data Processing Interface with 
Sub-Millisecond Latency 
for Feedback Stimulation Experiments

  •  Embedded in the Digital Lynx SX for real-time processing of all inputs
  •  Low latency spike classification (<1msec)
  •  Oscillation detection – narrow band low frequency
  •  Program fast logic and processors with Simulink® and MATLAB™
  •  Stimulate with Digital Lynx SX analog and digital outputs

Designed for both Expert Software Developers and Non-programmers

Also Featured in Booth #2123


Fastest, Easiest, Most Reliable  
Live Animal Connection Method

QuickClip buffered headstages magnetically align and initiate the connection to the EIB. Connection is completed with a simple “snap.” 

  • Minimal insertion for final connector seating
  • No exposed pins to bend or break
  • Highest number of connect/disconnect cycles without loss of signal
  • Low profile for more natural animal behavior
  • Advanced video tracking LED system
16 Channel 
Designed Specifically for Experiments with mice
32 Channel
64 Channel

Less Stress on Animal and Researcher


Integrated Turnkey Solution for Optogenetics


    LED light source from 2 Color or 4 Color SpectraLynx models:

  •  Light Source Color mixing on single fiber
  •  5kHz pulse rate at full power for all colors
  •  256 light intensity levels – no shutter required
  •  Independent digital control of light intensity and pulsing
  •  Lower cost and safer than multiple Laser solutions 

    Pulse Software for custom sequences:
  •  Control all Light sources
  •  Internal micro-controller for precise timing
  •  Repeatable stimulation sequences
  •  TTL triggers, inputs and outputs


Deliver Stimulus to Recording Electrodes

Two stimulation sources allow complex protocols
  • Mono and bi-phasic
  • Single ended and differential delivery
  • Current Steering via multiple electrodes 
Three Digital Lynx SX compatible models
  •  18 Channel
  •  18 Channel Mill-Max
  •  36 Channel

Digital Lynx SX and Cheetah Software


High-Density Electrophysiology Data Acquisition System

designed for “No Compromise” Signal Quality

NLX Software Suite


Reliable, Configurable and Expandable

Networked Distributed 
Processing Environment

Data File ViewerNeuro

Data Analysis Suite

SpikeSort 3D (pictured)
Convenient and Fast 
Spike Waveform Classification

MATLAB® Resources
Data File Interfaces for Analysis Programs


Animal Interfaces & Devices

Expanding Innovation for the Lab Environment

  • Micro-drives, EIBs, Tethers
  • ATLAS Neuroengineering Probes 
  • Headstage Pre-Amplifiers


Tools for Experiment Preparation

Longtime Neuralynx Customers,


May-Britt and Edvard I. Moser

Awarded 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine
for Discovery of the Brain's GPS Positioning System

Along with their British-American colleague, John O’Keefe, the Mosers 
discovered “an inner GPS in the brain that makes navigation possible” by documenting that specific “cells are responsible for higher cognitive function that steers the navigational system.”

Congratulations from Neuralynx!


Watch Video:


QuickClip™ Connection

Fastest, Easiest, Most Reliable

Live Animal Connection Method
  • 16 Channel
    Designed Specifically for Experiments
    with Mice
    17mm diameter 1.43 grams
  • 36 Channel
  • 72 Channel

Now Offering:
Tiered Pricing for EIBS

Qty Purchased        % Discount
1 to 9 EIBS                        0%
10 to 29 EIBS                    5%
30+ EIBS                          10%

Contact and

NLX Products
Backed by
20 Years of
Reliability and
Customer Support

40% Discount on NLX
Medical Grade Tethers

Best used for Acute (Fixed-Head) Experiments

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5.0 m  $1,060     $636      (506.65)    79
Limited quantities available. Sold in order of PO received.
For details on current product promotions, contact: or

NLX offers a MATLAB® version of NetCom for online data processing and experiment control, as well as access to all Cheetah-generated data records.

Our MATLAB User Group webpage is a repository of scripts geared towards online experiment control and data analysis.  Our goal is to provide you with additional MATLAB options and analysis flexibility. 
If you need details on specific scripts or would like to submit your MATLAB script, please email us at
Visit our MATLAB Development page 
for more information.  

 and MATLAB(R) are registered trademarks of
The MathWorks, Inc.

Custom Design

Devices & Interfaces to
Meet Your Specific
Research Needs!

You Do the Science.
We Do the Engineering.
Learn more about how
Neuralynx can help
customize your lab.

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November 13 - 14
HSNC: Human Single Neuron 
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD

Neuralynx is the Gold Sponsor of HSNC 2014

November 15 – 19
SFN: Society for Neuroscience
Washington, DC
Booth #2123

December 5 – 9
AES: American Epilepsy Society
Seattle, WA

Booth #713 



January 24-29

48th Annual 

WCBR:  Winter Conference on Brain Research 

Big Sky, Montana
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