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Letter From Our Operations Manager

My name is John Walsh and I am the Operations manager here at Neuralynx.  In this issue of TechTips, I thought I would update our user community with what has been happening here at Neuralynx since the beginning of the year.

We are expanding our staff to better serve your needs.  We have hired 8 people since the beginning of the year and we currently have additional openings in engineering.  The filled positions range from Engineering through Technical Sales.

We are expanding our building and infrastructureNeuralynx is building out our facility to accommodate our rapid growth in product and employees.  We are adding office and lab space to our Bozeman facility.  We have also added office space internationally in Dublin, Ireland.  We are improving our business infrastructure with new networking, higher speed internet, and upgrades to our data and application servers.

We have been busy releasing new products.  We have released 15 new products since the beginning of the year.  These include the Atlas clinical system, the Spectralynx for optogenetics research, the VersaDrive 4 and VersaDrive 8 which are inexpensive single-use micro drives for research, and various software updates.

We are opening new sales channels.  We are opening a branch office in Dublin, Ireland.  We have added distribution in China through DL Naturegene.

We have created an on-line training suite for our customers, employees, and distributors.  We are working towards having an on-line repository for MatLab and NetCom applications when developers can upload applications they wish to share and Neuralynx can post useful open-source utilities.

We are researching new technologies that will allow us to remain the top supplier of high-channel-count electrophysiology recording systems.  We are looking years ahead and working with top researchers in their fields to bring new and innovative products to better serve your needs.

Thank you for your business!
John Walsh

Neuralynx Upcoming Events

SFN: Neuralynx at SFN (Booth # 2831) in New Orleans Oct.13-17th 2012.

AES: Neuralynx at AES in San Diego Nov.30th-Dec.4th 2012.


Available in 4 tetrode and 8 tetrode designs.  Contact our Sales Department for more information.

Matlab User Group:  Neuralynx is looking into starting a Matlab User Group which would essentially consists of a repositiory for Matlab scripts geared toward your research.  The goal is to provide additional Matlab options and flexibility.  If you have any requests for specific utilities or would like to submit a Matlab script, please email
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