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Neuralynx at SfN 2015

We land in the Windy City for SfN 2015 with an innovative offering of powerful, high‐density, low noise, intuitive data acquisition systems with custom integration features and devices. Please visit Booth #363: We are excited to show you how our latest revolutionary products integrate with our existing hardware and software — adding more customizable options for signal acquisition and processing while meeting your unique experiment needs.


Cube-64 photo

Wireless Multi-Subject Single Unit Recording

  • Connect multiple Cube‐64 devices simultaneously to a single Digital Lynx SX system
  • Reliable, 10 meter data transmission
  • Real-time signal processing by SX & HPP processor
  • Customization accessories for a wide range of rodent to NHP studies, including quick‐change battery options (30 minutes to hours)

HPP - Hardware Processing Platform
Sub-Millisecond, Real-Time Signal Processing
for Feedback & Stimulation Experiments
Available January 2016!

  • Low latency spike classification (<1msec)
  • Oscillation detection – narrow band low frequency (Alpha, Theta, gamma)
  • Program fast logic & processors with Simulink® and MATLAB®
  • Integrates into Digital Lynx SX for real-time processing of all inputs
  • Stimulate with Digital Lynx SX analog & digital outputs
  • Program development libraries & example code included
  • Complex stimulation sequences & precision TTL pulse trains

HPP Diagram

SNAP Sorter & SS3D
Spike Classification Tools

SNAP (Smart Neural Action Potential) Sorter
Fast, Consistent Auto-Clustering Results

  • Classify & sort over 100,000 spike files in minutes
  • Batch process all electrode spikes in a data set
  • Developed & used daily by MIT rodent and NHP labs
Bring your sample tetrode data files (on a USB) and try SNAP Sorter!

SpikeSort 3D
Results Inspection
& Final Touch-up
SpikeSort3D Screenshot

  • Multiple manual clustering modes
  • Fast, smooth 3D display manipulation for quick identification & isolation of clusters/cells
  • Handle spike files with greater than 1 million spikes quickly
Lab System Setup
Digital Lynx 4SX photo

No Compromise Signal Recording & Experiment Control: 8 to 512 Channels

Play in real-time with our fully integrated acquisition system, set up for rodent behavior experiments. While you are playing, tell us about your current lab setup — your challenges & future ideas. We will help you design a system that fits your budget and supports your research goals, with our Digital Lynx SX, Cheetah 5.7 & Software tools, Saturn Commutator and Animal Interfaces & Devices.

Electrode & Microdrive Preparation
Convenient Tools & Fixtures for Making Custom Wire Electrodes & Loading Microdrives

Animal Interfaces & Devices
Researcher Convenience & Animal Comfort
Headstages, EIBs, Adapters, MicroDrives, Tethers

Need a unique device? Our Custom Design team will help you produce one that matches your unique experiment.

Research Hardware photo
ATLAS Amp photo

Clinical ATLAS
Human Single Unit Recording for Epilepsy Research & DBS Recording

CogNeuro ATLAS
Human Electrophysiology Recording

Lab Share ATLAS
A fully capable animal research system, ATLAS is ideal for system sharing between both human cogneuro & animal research labs.

Innovating in Three Neuroscience Research Environments

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