With our Four Port Hub Adapter, you can simultaneously record up to 4 subjects with a single input board.
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Four Port Hub Adapter

Record from Four Subjects Simultaneously


With our recently released Four Port Hub Adapter (ADPT-HS-HUB), you can now record from up to four (4) subjects simultaneously with a single 32 channel input board. The “HUB” allows up to four (4) HS-8s to interface with a single MDR-50 input connector on either our Digital Lynx SX or our Cheetah 32 data acquisition systems.

Each subject’s ground is mapped to a dedicated reference line, providing an independent reference/ground for each subject. The HUB still allows for selectable hardware referencing through the Cheetah software or via the ERP-27 referencing switches.

Ideal for pharmaceutical trials and multi-subject recording setups, the “HUB” is a cost effective solution for increasing the number of subject recordings without major increased system upgrade costs.

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2015: A Pivotal Year for our Research
and Clinical Product Lines

  • Four Port
    Hub Adapter
4 port adapter image

Headstage 16 QuickClip photo
  • 16 Channel QuickClip┬«
    & MUX Headstages

    ideal for mice/small rodents

  • Saturn Commutator
    compact, light, durable & powered
Saturn Commutator photo

Cube-64 photo
  • Cube-64
    wireless multi-subject single unit recording

  • Cheetah 5.7
    “no compromise” signal recording & experiment control
Cheetah software screenshot

HPP board photo
  • Hardware Processing Platform (HPP)
    sub-millisecond real-time signal processing
  • ATLAS Neurophysiology System
    “bridging the gap” between research and clinical electrophysiology with our global partner Nihon Kohden’s JE-120 amplifier
one patient connection - two data streams logo

Pegasus logo
  • Pegasus Software
    extremely stable, long-term recording capability of all signals in a research system

  • Remote Monitoring Station (RMS)
    networked display of real-time neural signals
    and patient video
RMS screenshot

Whether a current or potential Neuralynx customer, we are committed to being your “complete solution research partner” - providing you with the tools you need to transform your “what if?” experiment ideas into breakthrough realities into 2016 and beyond!


Happy Holidays from Neuralynx
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Five Data Acquisition Systems
with Customization Options

Digital Lynx SX photo

Record from up to 256 Channels

  • Digital Lynx SX-4 (32 - 64 ch)
  • Digital Lynx SX-16 (96 - 256 ch)

Digitize on the Headstage

  • Digital Lynx 4SX-M (MUX) 32
  • Digital Lynx 4SX-M (MUX) 64

Wireless Multi-Subject

  • Digital Lynx 4SX
    Cube-64 channel

Contact our experienced Sales & Support Team
for assistance with your system set-up and customization decisions.

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