In this issue: Newly released products, spike detection using the slope detect method, and custom items.

Released and Ready to Ship

QuickClipTM Connection

Simply Revolutionary!


The Fastest, Easiest Live Animal Connection Method
**  QuickClipTM Connection is a registered trademark of Neuralynx, Inc.
Patent pending.
Our QuickClip TM Connection magnetically aligns the headstage and initiates the connection to the EIB.  You complete the connection with a simple snap.
In only three steps, you are guaranteed a correctly aligned, secure, and
hassle-free connection! 

The Digital Lynx SX-M Multiplexing Headstages


Ideal for Low Cost
Secondary Systems or
Start-up Labs

Digital Lynx SX-M System

See Product Page
  • Uses the Intan RHD2132 to digitize signals on the headstage
  • Configurations of 32, 64, 96 and 128 channels
  • Integrates directly into Digital Lynx SX 
  • Available with QuickClipTM Connections
  • Combine standard analog headstages and Intan MUX headstages
  • Only Intan solution to include two dedicated differential stimulation channels in the tether

32 and 64-Channel Multiplexing Headstages
For QuickClipTM Connection & Multiplexing Products, contact:
All Neuralynx products are backed by 20 years of innovation, field-tested reliability, and unsurpassed customer support.
Tech Spot:  Spike Detection with Slope (dV/dt)
Residual low-frequency signals (EEG) will shift the baseline spike channel voltage some small amount, complicating threshold settings.  Cheetah's slope detection method alleviates this complication.
The Slope Detection option is located in the Acquisition Entities and Display Properties window under the Spike Detection Setup button.
When a minimum voltage change (dV) occurs within a maximum amount of time (dt), a spike is recorded in Cheetah.  Both of these values, dV and dt, are set by the user and can be adjusted independently among electrodes of each spike entity.
Contact for more information on this and other features of Neuralynx products.

Custom Design

Devices & Interfaces to Complete Your Specific Research Needs!
You Do the Science.
We Do the Engineering.
Learn more about how
Neuralynx can help
customize your lab.

NLX offers a MATLAB version of NetCom for online data processing and experiment control, as well as access to all Cheetah-generated data records – your data! 
Our MATLAB User Group webpage is a repository of scripts geared towards online experiment control and data analysis.  Our goal is to provide you with additional MATLAB options and analysis flexibility. 

If you need details on specific scripts or would like to submit your MATLAB script, please email us at

Visit our MATLAB Development page 
for more information.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions on our website. Still need answers?  

Email our Technical Support Team at or
for personal assistance!

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