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16 Channel Headstage available in September
TechSpot: Remote Computer Hosting NetCom Server
ATLAS Headbox – Released for Sale in US.


QuickClip™ 16 Channel Headstage
The Lightest, Smallest, QuickClip™ Headstage
Designed Specifically for Experiments with Mice

The QuickClip™ 16 Channel Headstage is NLX’s latest addition to the QuickClip™ Connection product line.  Same fast, easy, and reliable three-step connection method magnetically aligning the headstage to the EIB ~ In a 67% smaller size and 60% lighter weight for experiments with small, freely moving animal subjects.

**    and  QuickClipTM are trademarks of

      Neuralynx, Inc.  Patent pending.

QuickClip™ Connection
The Fastest, Easiest
Most Reliable Live Animal 
Connection Method

QuickClip™ Connection magnetically aligns the headstage and initiates the connection to the EIB. You complete the  connection with a simple "snap." 

In only three steps, you are guaranteed a correctly-aligned, secure, and hassle-free connection!

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All Neuralynx products are backed by 20 years of innovation, field-tested reliability, and
unsurpassed customer support.
Neuralynx, Inc. is the Exclusive North American Distributor of Standard Passive High-Density, Multi-Site Silicon Neural Probes by

Providing Tools to Record and Stimulate Neural Activity
  • Thin probe technology accommodates a mild flex, creating a more robust probe
  • Long shank (40mm) option allows probe access to deep structures on NHPs
  • 16 to 64 Electrodes
    • 50 um thickness (with other sizes available)
    • IrOx (Iridium oxide) - standard
    • Pt (platinum) or Au (gold) options available
  • Standard chisel tip or optional sharpened tip
  • Neuralynx Headstage compatible
  • nanoZ measurement impedance compatible
  • Custom Probe options


API for On-line Data Analysis and Experiment Control
NetCom is an application programming interface (API) that provides an effective interface to Cheetah for on-line interaction with custom user-written programs (NetCom programs). NetCom provides network delivery of standard data records generated by Cheetah for real-time data analysis and experiment control. The data may be distributed across the network to one or more computers, each running multiple analysis programs for a very powerful experiment control environment. Commands may be sent to control Cheetah and it’s hardware interfaces as well as requesting status of most Cheetah parameters.

Programming languages supported by NetCom include: C++/MFC, all Microsoft TM .NET languages (ie, C, C++, C#, VB.NET, Java) and any .NET supported applications such as LabViewTM and MATLAB®.

NetCom programs can generate Event Records to mark significant events during an experiment. These will be logged to the Cheetah Event Record file (.nev). All Event Records processed by Cheetah will be sent to all NetCom programs.

There are two modes for NetCom:  a simple single NetCom program connection and a multiple NetCom program connection mode.

Simple Single Connection Mode

This mode provides the easiest method for running a NetCom program because a direct connection is made to Cheetah. This scenario is used when running Spike Sort 3D on-line. 

Multiple NetCom programs running through the NetCom Router

This mode provides multiple NetCom programs to receive Cheetah data records and to control Cheetah and Hardware Interfaces. The NetCom Router program is used to manage the multiple NetCom connections. 

This mode allows a very complex experiment control and data analysis program to be “broken up” between several NetCom programs with each program handling one aspect of the task. For example, one NetCom program can generate randomized trial types, another controls the specific steps in each trial type, a third performs signal processing and trial scoring, while a fourth segregates and displays data for each trial outcome. The multiple NetCom programs can communicate using Event Records because all event records are “echoed” back out from Cheetah through NetCom. This allows each unique aspect of the task to be written in several simpler NetCom programs, each easier to write, test, debug and enhance.

Local Host
Ethernet socket functions allows virtual network communications between programs running on the same computer through a service known as the Local Host. Thus, separate computers are not required for NetCom to be used. 

The NetCom library and several example programs (including source code) can be found on our website at and

Digital Lynx SX-M
Multiplexing Headstages

Ideal for Low Cost 
Secondary Systems or Start-up Labs

Digitizes Signals at the Headstage to Reduce Wire Count, Weight, Size and System Cost!

  • Only on-head digitizing system with 2 dedicated differential stimulation channels in small device
  • Highest channel count per tether wire available
  • Configurations of 32, 64, 96 and 128 channels

Released for Sale in the US


Designed for Simultaneous
Stimulus Delivery while Recording

A Powerful Addition to the
ATLAS Neurophysiology System

Research Applications:

Epilepsy,DBS and Cognitive Neurophysiology




NLX offers a MATLAB® version of NetCom for online data processing and experiment control, as well as access to all Cheetah-generated data records.

Our MATLAB User Group webpage is a repository of scripts geared towards online experiment control and data analysis.  Our goal is to provide you with additional MATLAB options and analysis flexibility. 
If you need details on specific scripts or would like to submit your MATLAB script, please email us at
Visit our MATLAB Development page 
for more information.

 and MATLAB(R) are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.

Custom Design

Devices & Interfaces to
Meet Your Specific
 Research Needs!

You Do the Science.
We Do the Engineering.
Learn more about how
Neuralynx can help

customize your lab.


2014 Neuralynx Conference Tour



June 5 – 10
Neural Networks in the Arctic
Spitsbergen, Norway

July 5 – 9
FENS: Federation of European Neuroscience Societies
Milan, Italy

September 10-14
SPR: Society for Psychophysiology Research
Atlanta, GA

September 11 – 13
JNS: Japanese Neuroscience Society
Pacifico Yokohama, Japan

September 20
YNS: Young Neuroscientists Symposium
Dublin, Ireland
NLX is the EU Gold Sponsor of YNS 2014

September 20 - 21
ACNS: American Clinical Neurophysiology Society
Boston, MA

October 14 – 15
GDR 2904 Meeting:
“Multi-electrode Systems 
and Signal Processing for Neuroscience”
CNRS Campus, Gif sur Yvette, France
NLX is the Co-sponsor of 5th Annual GDR Meeting


November 6 – 8 
KNS: Korean Neuroscience Society
Seoul, Korea

November 13 - 14 
HSNC: Human Single Neuron Conference
Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD

NLX is the Gold Sponsor of 2014 HSNC

November 15 – 19
SFN: Society for Neuroscience
Washington, DC

December 5 – 9
AES: American Epilepsy Society
Seattle, WA 


2014 Summer 


June 1 – 17
Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School

Pike Lake, Romania

June 7  Aug 3
MBL: Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA


June 29 – July 3
Interneurons Summer School 
Amsterdam, Netherlands



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