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Untether Your Data Acquisition
The Only Wireless Multi-Subject
64 Channel Digital Acquisition System

Neuralynx announces its revolutionary recording and data acquisition system, Cube-64: the only 64 channel digitally transmitted wireless headstage for freely moving animals. Cube-64 releases animal research subjects from the unnatural restriction of tethers while providing 64 channels of wide bandwidth wireless neural recording.

Designed for multi-subject social interaction and complex maze studies, the compact Cube-64 accurately records both low-frequency alpha and theta oscillations and high-frequency Single Unit Action Potential acquisition from each electrode at a sampling rate of up to 30 kHz. Researchers may connect multiple Cube-64 devices simultaneously to a single Digital Lynx SX system for reliable, 10 meter wireless transmissions, regardless of the subject’s movements or orientation, for 16-bit data acquisition and real-time signal processing.

Cube-64 also features programmable low and high cut filters, battery-powered operation from 30 minutes to hours, and video tracking LEDs, resulting in a broad range of customization options for both NHP and rodent experiments. Along with the Cube-64, Neuralynx offers a comprehensive product line, including EIBs, power tethers, protective covers and test/training devices.

Cube-64’s wireless technology is fully compatible with all Neuralynx Digital Lynx SX hardware and Cheetah Software tools. It is also compatible with Neuralynx’s revolutionary QuickClip EIB-72-QC, the self-aligning connector that ensures a low profile mount, and a reliably effortless connection to the animal subjects.

Cube-64: Developed in Collaboration with Laboratories at the Forefront of Neuroscience Research

Customer comments about Cube-64:

We have been waiting for the development of a high channel capacity telemetry system that can reliably record broad spectrum brain activity comparable to tethered systems, and has low noise in the most challenging environments.  Cube-64 has met these requirements, and has enabled us to record from large ensembles of cells in nonhuman primates that are completely unrestrained.  Because Cube-64  allows questions to be asked that have been impossible with previous recording approaches, we are entering a very exciting era in electrophysiological exploration of the nonhuman primate brain.
Carol A. Barnes, Ph.D.
University of Arizona
Regents' Professor, Psychology, Neurology and Neuroscience
Evelyn F. McKnight Chair for Learning and Memory in Aging
Director, Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute
Director, ARL Division of Neural Systems, Memory and Aging
Associate Director, BIO5
Cube-64 is a paradigmatic advance in high-density, chronic extracellular recordings. Our rat behaved naturally and effortlessly on the maze. This system is bound to open the door to totally new behavioral paradigms.

Jean-Marc Fellous, Ph.D.
Computational and Experimental Neuroscience
University of Arizona

Neuralynx thanks both Carol Barnes and Jean-Marc Fellous!
Innovating in Three Neuroscience Research Environments


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