LED Light Box

Turnkey Optogenetics Solution: 
The SpectraLynx system is a high-grade LED-based optical system able to integrate seamlessly with the Neuralynx family of electrophysiological equipment. The SpectraLynx is also capable of stand-alone operation. SpectraLynx integrates all of the optical components necessary for optogenetic experimentation into a single intuitive turn-key package.

  • 2 Color SpectraLynx: independent orange & blue for Halo & ChR2
  • 4 Color SpectraLynx: blue, green, orange, red
  • Custom configurations: Up to 7 choices of color
  • No shutter required for any of the colors
  • All colors can be pulsed up to 5kHz at full power
  • Lower cost when compared to multiple laser system
  • Independent digital control of light intensity and pulsing
  • Real time measurement and feedback of light intensity to the Digital Lynx
  • Control package for Sequence Creation and Manual control included-Pulse

One of the most important aspects of any optogenetics experimental setup involving electrophysiology is correlating the light output with respect to the electrophysiological data. The SpectraLynx has been designed to pass this information directly to the Cheetah software running on the Digital Lynx platform which then records the light status in the form of events time-locked to electrophysiological data. No expertise in optics or telecommunications equipment is necessary. Just attach the chosen optical fiber terminated with a SMA terminator to the SpectraLynx and the system is ready to be used.

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