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New Upgraded Software Release:

Click Here to Download Cheetah 5.6: SX users upgrading to Cheetah 5.6 must also upgrade to Firmware 1.1.


Added Features

Added Named TTL Events: Allows you to associate custom event string with specific TTL bits transitioning from 0 (low) to 1 (high). 

The user will need to specify the TTL Device, Port number and TTL bit to be associated with an event string.  Named events can be applied to both input and output TTL ports.  Named events will only be applied if event records are generated by the port (specified in the Digital IO set up dialog).  There can be at most one named event per TTL bit/Device/port combination.  However, multiple TTL bit/Device/Port combinations can be associated with the same event string.  

Single DRS Reference Command: All DRS references are now set using a single Cheetah command, no need to manage globals and locals on each DRS.

Improved D/A Audio Output : FIR Filters can now be used for Lynx SX DA output.


Cheetah Reference Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide a complete reference for everything related to the Cheetah Data Acquisition software. For help getting started with Cheetah, see the Cheetah Quickstart. The quickstart is located in the Neuralynx\Cheetah5 folder of your Start menu. This reference guide has been compiled into a help file for easier searching of all of the information. For those unfamiliar with the terms used throughout Cheetah (i.e. Acquisition Entities); start with reading through the Definition of Terms section of this guide.

Cheetah Commands Overview

Cheetah uses commands to both setup and control an experiment. Most of the commands are going to be processed from configuration files, and are used to setup an experiment. You can also use commands through NetCom to control an experiment. Regardless of where the commands come from, they are processed by Cheetah identically.

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