VersaDrive 4

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Tetrode Microdrive

VersaDrives provide stable, flexible electrophysiological recording platforms suitable for surgical implantation on small animals including mice and rats.  VersaDrives are currently available in 4 tetrode drive configuration and an 8 tetrode design will soon follow.  They are inexpensive and lend themselves to one-time use, eliminating problems with cleaning and refurbishing. 

Low Cost: Inexpensive and are designed for one-time use, eliminating problems with cleaning and refurbishing.

Light Weight: 4 Tetrode drives are 1.8g.

Ease of Construction: No soldering is required; stripping and connection of Tetrode wires to connector pins is easy.

Independently Drivable Tetrodes: Travel for each Tetrode is 4.0mm below initial implantation position.

Total Solution For Your Electrode Positioning Needs

VersaDrives address many of the current concerns for microdrives in the field today:
  • A proven method for holding each tetrode at a selected anatomical site, insuring recording stability despite inevitable collisions of the implant with walls and objects during movements of the animal in its surroundings.
  • Precise independent linear positioning of each tetrode to “tune” into extracellular spikes from single neurons. The use of Tetrodes allows spike waveforms to be discriminated using standard waveform sorting methods.
  • A high quality Mill-max connector allows frequent making and breaking of contact with wireless or tethered recording systems by minimizing insertion and removal forces.
  • Protection of fragile, movable parts from external bodies and forces by a rigid enclosure. The entire structure is low mass and compact, allowing virtually normal behavior.
  • Surgical attachment of the implant to the animal’s skull can be done using methods already developed in any laboratory. In practice, the implants are stable on the animal’s head for weeks or months.
  • Assembly is made simple with the use of the VersaDrive Jig as shown below.

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NeuroNexus Mapping

Neuralynx has become aware of a problem with some new NeuroNexus probes.  Apparently, NeuroNexus has changed the pinout of some of their probes without changing their part number.  This has led to a channel mapping issue and confusion about what configuration file to use with the Neuralynx system.   
Please be assured that this is not a Neuralynx hardware issue and that Neuralynx products have remained consistent; this issue can be resolved within the configuration mapping file.   
If you think that you may have an issue with your NeuralNexus probe mapping correctly to a Neuralynx adapter, please let our support department know.  We will be happy to help you alter the configuration file to reflect the probe that you have.
Please remember, the pinout of NeuroNexus probe that you have may not be obvious because the style number has remained the same with different pinouts.  Please contact NeuroNexus to confirm the version and pinout of your probe and then contact Neuralynx if a change is required to the configuration file.    
Please provide Neuralynx support with the confirmed version and pinout.
We appreciate your attention to this and patience with getting the results that you expect from Neuralynx products.  We value your business and want to keep you satisfied.