RF Interference

Radio Frequency: This is caused by a conductor being in the radio frequency field of a transmitted (launched electric and magnetic fields) radio source.  This is very uncommon to have RF conduction unless you are working up at these frequencies.

For this type of coupling to induce a significant amount of energy the distance between the source (transmitter) and the desired signal (receiver) is usually greater than 4 to 10 wavelengths.  The RF interference must be more than 4 wavelengths distance from the source or it will be electrostatic or electromagnetic. 

Unintentional RF generators are devices that abruptly interrupt current flow using some form of electronic switching. The most common examples are light dimmers, fluorescent lights, TV or computer CRT displays and any piece of equipment using a switching power supply or "clock" oscillator (computers and other digital devices).

Typically, the best way to resolve issues seen with this type of intereference is to use a Faraday Cage and/or get rid of the antenna (your reciever antenna). 

NeuroNexus Update

Neuralynx would like to clarify an announcement regarding NeuroNexus Probes that was published in our latest issue of the Neuralynx Tech Tips.  It was brought to our attention that a change has occurred with the mapping of the probes.  For this reason, we wanted to notify our customers as soon as possible in order to avoid any possible delay. 

It was then discovered (after discussing the matter directly with NeuroNexus) that the mapping has not changed.  The only changes that have been made on the NeuroNexus probes are the naming structures to allow for easy tetrode mapping.

This then still affects Neuralynx channel mapping/numbering due to the way that these A/D’s are mapped in our configuration files.  Neuralynx originally designed our pre-made NeuroNexus .cfg files based off of the old naming structure.  These are now labeled as “Alternative View” in the NeuroNexus site maps. 

We are now able to provide our customers with the “Current View” .cfg files.  If you have any problems or questions with your mapping, please make sure to let us know and we can proceed in getting that resolved for you.

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Upgrade: It is best to have all users upgrade to software version1.4, firmware verison 1.1.5  and recalibrate both plating and impedance for the best results.  Version 1.4 has a much better resolution particularly for the electroplating, (from 100nA resolution to 1nA), so the re-calibration is worth it.
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