Cheetah32/64 Analog Users Must Update Cheetah Version From v5.6.0 to v5.6.3:
General Changes:
-Data Translation Driver updated from to for Cheetah64 analog systems.
Fixed Bugs:
-Timestamps for events created from Digital IO input for Cheetah 32/64 hardware subsystem are now correct.

VersaDrive 8 Now Available:

  • A proven method for holding each Tetrode at a selected anatomical site, insuring recording stability despite inevitable collisions of the implant with case walls and objects during movements of the animal in its surroundings.
  • Precise independent linear positioning of each Tetrode to maximize extracellular spikes from single neurons. The use of Tetrodes allows spike waveforms to be discriminated using standard waveform sorting methods.
  • A high quality Millmax connector allows frequent attachments of headstages with recording systems.
  • Protection of fragile, movable parts from external bodies and forces by a rigid enclosure. The entire structure is low mass and compact, allowing virtually normal behavior.
  • Surgical attachment of the implant to the animal’s skull can be done using existing methods. In practice, the implants are stable on the animal’s head for weeks or months

Low Cost: Inexpensive and are designed for one-time use, eliminating problems with cleaning and recovery.  Sold in 5 packs.
Light Weight: 4 Tetrode drives are 1.8g and 8 Tetrode drives are 2.6g.
Independently Drivable Tetrodes: Travel for each Tetrode is 4.0mm below initial implantation position.

Neuralynx is Expanding!
Neuralynx is adding a new European branch and also expanding to include new distributors around the world.  The expansion will provide our customers with better solutions for their research needs. 

Matlab User Group

Neuralynx is looking into starting a Matlab User Group which would essentially consists of a repositiory for Matlab scripts geared toward your research.  The goal is to provide additional Matlab options and flexibility.  If you have any requests for specific utilities or would like to submit a Matlab script, please email            
Interested In Beta Testing?
  • Access to products before they are officially released.
  • Your feedback drives product development
  • Product gets tested in "Realworld" application
  • Contact Neuralynx Support with type of product interested in and your current system setup information
SFN: Neuralynx at SFN (Booth # 2831) in New Orleans Oct.13-17th.
AES: Neuralynx at AES in San Diego Nov.30th-Dec.4th.