SpikeSort 3D and Feature Distributions

SpikeSort 3D

Which Spike features to use?

Spike Sort 3D is a utility used for on-line and off-line spike waveform classification. It allows users to choose from many options for manual clustering, including convex polygons and rectangular boundaries in feature space, and waveform templates (window discriminator) on raw spike data. Data clusters can also be defined in any arbitrary 3 dimensional view of feature space. Waveform parameter calculations include standard measures such as Peak, Valley, Area and Energy to advanced measures such as Principal Component Analysis.

SpikeSort automatically creates default features when new data is loaded. To change the feature set, press Ctrl-F. This will bring up the feature selection dialog. You will note 8 total features, and each feature selection allows the choice of “electrode channel”.

Feature Distribution:  Finding obvious separation of feature data

This display is a simple graphical representation of spike distribution along each of the chosen features. This is only intended to aid in feature selection. As an example, you may have calculated the energy from channel 4 of a tetrode as one of your features, but that value is similar for all spikes detected by this channel, so the graph appears as a single hump indicating very little separation. A graph with multiple humps indicates obvious separation of that feature data, which will also be evident in the 2D or 3D displays when that feature is selected.

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