December News from Neuralynx

Happy Holidays

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.

Neuralynx will be closed during the holidays and will re-open on the 2nd of January. 
Closed:  December 25, 2012-January 1, 2013

HS-36 Tethers For Sale
40% OFF

Medical Grade tether connects a HS-36 headstage to a Neuralynx recording system.  Available in varying lengths and features 44 x 38 AWG (7/46) stranded wires and durable silicon insulation providing flexibility.  Contact for more information.


Trial Control Tips

Trial Control is a utility for controlling certain aspects of an experiment through the use of events, TTL values and Cheetah commands.  Trial Control is an experiment control program.  It uses NetCom (Neuralynx TCP/IP library) as its experiment control interface.  Trial Control will connect to the Cheetah data acquisition systems either directly or through the use of the Router application.  Once Trial Control is connected to Cheetah, it will be able to send events, trigger TTL pulses and send commands to Cheetah to execute. 

Some Helpful Applications of Trial Control:

Recording for a certain duration:

Changing the directory of recorded data:
-SetDataDirectory <Directory Path>
-Start Acquisition
-Start Recording

Trial Control is FREE and available for download.  

Neuralynx Europe

Neuralynx Europe is now open and ready to serve your sales and support needs. and

Matlab User Group

Neuralynx is looking into starting a Matlab User Group which would essentially consists of a repositiory for Matlab scripts geared toward your research.  The goal is to provide additional Matlab options and flexibility.  If you have any requests for specific utilities or would like to submit a Matlab script, please email

Interested in Beta Testing?

  • Access to products before they are officially released.
  • Your feedback drives product development
  • Product gets tested in "Realworld" application
  • Contact Neuralynx Support with type of product interested in and your current system setup information
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