Date Title Subject
August 2016 Magnetize your EIB Insertion Tweezers

Magnetize EIB Insertion Tweezers

June 2016 Ground Screw Preparation

Ground Screw Preparation - critical for low noise neural recording! Best method & process.

June 2016 Upgrade to Windows 10

Free Windows 10 upgrade!  Read TechTips for install, parameters & details about Cheetah software support.

May 2016 Hybrid Input Board with DC Coupling

One Hybrid Input Board: DC/AC input signal ranges. Low frequency signal response. High resolution.

May 2016 Ungrounded Metal Racks

Turning all Metal Surfaces from Noise Conductors into Shields

May 2016 End OS Deadlock

End OS Deadlock during recording sessions

April 2016 EIB Pins

Cactus needles to Neuralynx’s EIB Pins:  the best microwire-to-EIB connection method!

April 2016 Differential Stimulation Channels

Stim Channel flexibility. Self reward, lighting LEDs, stim sources & digital signal control, etc!

April 2016 Reference Grounds Explained

Improve recorded signal quality.  Know differences of “Animal Ground vs Panel Ground”

March 2016 Neuraview File Splitting

Review experiment data files.  Split files into sessions.  Easy to do with “Neuraview File Splitting.”

March 2016 Noise Debug 101 - Part 5

Tackle noise signal issues with practical noise abatement tips.

March 2016 Noise Debug 101 - Part 4

Noise Debug 101-Part 4 tackles Radio Frequency (RF) Interference.

March 2016 Noise Debug 101 - Part 3

Electromagnetic Conduction: another noise contaminator in recording setups.  See Noise Debug 101-Part 3.

March 2016 Noise Debug 101 - Part 2

Part 2 - Debugging electrostatic noise

February 2016 Noise Debug 101 - Part 1

Part 1 - Debugging conducted noise.

February 2016 Looking for a New Acquisition PC?

Looking for a new acquisition PC?  Want to expand your data acquisition system to 64-bit?

January 2016 Software Release: Cheetah 5.7

Software Release: Cheetah 5.7

December 2015 2015: Pivotal Year for Products

Neuralynx in 2015: Pivotal Year for Products