API for Experiment Control, Monitoring & Analysis

NetCom is an application programming interface (API) that you can use to create your own custom programs to monitor and control Cheetah. This requires that you have some programming knowledge in a language that is supported by NetCom: C++/MFC, .NET (e.g. C#, VB.NET, etc), any .NET aware application such as LabView, and Matlab.

The NetCom API represents only one half of NetCom, the client. The other half, the server, is embedded within Cheetah, and is responsible for accepting a client connection and sending or receiving data to or from connected clients. Every NetCom application will at some point need to connect to a server to be useful. To minimize strain on Cheetah, it has been designed to accept only a single NetCom client. For a simple experiment control scenario, your setup would look something like this:

Netcom adds the ability to leverage multiple programs on multiple PCs to both monitor and control your experiment. This is where the NetCom Router comes into play. The Router is a software application that manages multiple client connections in order to take some of the processing burden off of Cheetah. When using the Router, you would first connect the Router to Cheetah and then connect all NetCom client applications to the router, similar to the following:

Remote experiment control & monitoring for Windows

Libraries & examples for C++/MFC, C#, VB.Net, Matlab

Works with .NET aware applications like Labview

Interface with existing hardware