File Converters and Utilities

Software Description Version  
CSC File Rate Reducer

Generates a subsampled CSC file from a recorded CSC file*.

*This program has a file size limit of 1 GB per CSC

CSC Spike Extractor

Extracts spikes from a recorded CSC file.

CSC to WAV Converter

Allows conversion of Neuralynx CSC (NCS)files to WAV audio files

Video Tracker Matlab Utilities

M-files that provide a means of decoding Video Tracker bitfields.

Matlab Import and Export MEX files

Matlab MEX files for importing and exporting Neuralynx files to and from Matlab variables. Includes both x64 and 32bit MEX files for Windows for use with Matlab R2012b (8.0) and newer.

Neuralynx to Matlab Import for Linux and Mac OS X

Neuralynx file reader and writer (neurophysiology file formats) for matlab on unix / linux / Mac OS X. For import, the file types CSC (continuous data traces), EV (events), VT (video), and SE/TT (single electrode and tetrode) are supported. For export, CSC, SE, and TT are supported. The core consists of Matlab mex files, implemented in C++.
Latest version (v6 - 12/08/11). Support for export of CSC, SE and TT file types added. Supports 64-bit and 32bit versions for Linux and Mac OS X and compiles with the latest g++ and matlab (2010b). Pre-compiled binaries for 64/32 bit Linux and Mac OS X are provided as well as scripts to re-compile on other systems or matlab versions. Please read the README file for instructions!  These are provided as is, with no support from Neuralynx. For more information please visit Ueli Rutishauser’s Homepage.