Experiment Control Software

Software Description Version  
NetCom Router

Allows you to connect multiple NetCom applications to Cheetah. Cheetah will only accept one NetCom connection without a router.


Displays real-time and offline Peth, XCR and ISI histograms as well as CSC average, FFT, CSC overlay and raster plots. This program works only with Cheetah 5 and later releases.

Multi-Trial Sequencer

Allows the user to create trials consisting of events, auidio (WAV) files, TTL pulses, etc. These trials may be shuffled and run using NetCom. Requires Cheetah 5 and later releases.

Trial Control

Allows you to create a list of items to run an experiment. Items may include Cheetah commands, Cheetah events and TTL pulses. This program works only with Cheetah 5.

Event Responder

Allows you to send sequences of commands to Cheetah in response to specific events. Only works with Cheetah 5 and newer.