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Neuralynx File Formats

Description of record fields for all Neuralynx data file formats. This also includes a description of how the Video Tracker bitfield is encoded.


Application programming interace (API) for networked distributed processing development:  communicates with Cheetah for online interaction with custom, user-written programs; provides network distribution of Cheetah data records for real-time data analysis & experiment control; selectively distributes data records across network to one or more computers, each running multiple analysis programs - for increased performance efficiency; sends commands to Cheetah & its hardware interfaces (full control from user apps); requests status of Cheetah settings; and generates Event Records with experiment control programs & distributes to all other NetCom programs for message communications & coordination.
Interfaces & examples for: C++, .NET, MATLAB & IronPython. Both 32 & 64 bit versions of the library are included. Only Windows operating systems are supported. MFC examples require Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or newer.  MATLAB examples and m-files require MATLAB R2008a or newer.
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