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A spike classification tool, use SS3D for results & final “touch up.”  Manual clustering modes include convex hulls in 3D space, rectangular boundaries in 2D space, and templates on raw spike waveforms. Fast, smooth 3D display manipulation allows for quick identification and isolation of clusters/cells.  Handle spike files with greater than 1 million spikes quickly.  Used with Cheetah for online/offline spike sorting and classification.
Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to obtain a free SS3D license.

SS3D is compatible with SNAP Sorter auto-clustering software.


Provides fast, consistent auto-clustering results: classify & sort over 100,000 tetrode spikes in minutes; batch process all data sets within 2 hours; and view tetrode cell results before next recording. Use with Neuralynx’s SpikeSort 3D (SS3D) software for review & touch up.  SNAP eliminates hours of manual spike sorting on each data set - with better results than manual cutting.  Provides results before next day’s recording so you can analyze your data, assess the integrity of your experiment, and adjust your tetrode depths between sessions.

Developed and used daily by MIT rodent and NHP labs, the algorithm for cluster analysis is patent pending by MIT and licensed exclusively by Neuralynx.  Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for a free 14 day trial.
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Data File Viewer:  views all Cheetah data files in multi-trace oscilloscope display format; optimized displays for scrolling & zooming; improved measurement legends & user interface; Event Marker search; splits data files into smaller files organized by trials or other criteria using Event markers; and loads large files faster.


NeuroExplorer is a powerful data analysis program for neurophysiology. View full feature list at


Displays real-time and offline Peth, XCR and ISI histograms as well as CSC average, FFT, CSC overlay and raster plots. This program works only with Cheetah 5 and later releases.