QuickClip® Connection

Fast, Easy, Live Animal Connection Method

Less Stress on
Animal and Researcher

QuickClip demonstration

Download Video: MP4,

QuickClip buffered headstages magnetically align and initiate the connection to the EIB. The connection is completed with a simple "snap." In only three steps, you are guaranteed a correctly-aligned, secure and stress-free connection!

  • Minimal insertion force for final connector seating
  • No exposed fragile pins to bend or break
  • High number of connect/disconnect cycles without loss of signal
  • Low profile mount for more natural animal behavior
  • Advanced video tracking LED system

QuickClip component options:

  • 16, 32 and 64 channel buffered headstages
  • EIBs for microdrives and headstages, including Cube-64
  • Signal Mouse to simulate a live test subject
  • Adapters for NeuroNexus Omnetics based probes
  • Adapters to convert current standard Omnetics EIB's or HS's

Compatible with Neuralynx's:

  • Digital Lynx S/SX
  • Cheetah 32 and Cheetah 160 data acquisition systems
  • Saturn and PSR Commutators
  • EIB-16-QC, EIB-36-QC, EIB-72-QC & Cube-EIB-72-QC
  • Silicon Probes
  • Microdrives