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Our Powered Slip Ring (PSR) commutators allow tethered subjects to move freely without the tethers twisting by automatically rotating to compensate for subject's movement.

The PSR-18-1 includes 16 recording channels, 1

reference, 1 buffered ground and 2 stimulus channels.  

Signals travel from the commutator to the Digital Lynx SX data acquisition system via the tether extension cable (TETH-XTN-XX). The adapter (ADPT-HS-27-PSR-36 is included.

Dimensions: Length x Width x Height

456.9 x 253.8 x 279.2 mm (18.0 x 10.0 x 11.0 in)

Weight: 8.9 kg (19.5 lb)

Teth-Flex-Ext Length: 609.1 mm (24.0 in)

Connector:  µDB37

*Adapter ADPT-HS-27-PSR-36 included

Optic sensor measurement is used to automatically rotate the slip ring to eliminate excess torque on the subject's head, so the animal subject is more comfortable, and the possibility of headstage disconnect is greatly reduced.

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