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NLX 18 Drive

16 tetrode drives = 64 channels

Compact, durable, reusable drives, protected without exposed wires

Solid tip allows researcher to drill custom exit pattern.

Independently drivable tetrodes

Sold with EIB-36-18

*Requires precision and substantial time.

Halo-18 Microdrive (released May 2016) replaces NLX 18 Drive.

NLX 18 Drive User Manual

​Dimensions: Length x Width x Height

34.0 x 27.1 x 36.4 mm

(1.3 x 1.1 x 1.4 in)

Weight: 11.0 g (0.4 oz)

16 independent tetrode drives

7.0 mm travel distance and 0.25 mm pitch

64 Channels

Connector: NA

​Replacement parts available for purchase:

18 Drive Body, 18 Drive Tip, Shuttle 18 Drive, 18 Drive Inner Cap, 18 Drive Screw Cap, 18 Drive Cover, 1MM X 10MM Drive Screw, 1MM X 5MM Drive Screw, 1MM X 3MM Drive Screw, 1MM x 7MM Drive Screw, 1MM x 2 MM Drive Screw

Compatible Products:

EIB-36-18 (one included per drive)

STX clamp available for separate purchase to aid in tetrode loading and plating.

  • ​Light weight – constructed from ULTEM®
  • Compact
  • High channel count (64)
  • Independently drive-able tetrodes
  • Protected – no exposed wires
  • Customize-able – solid tip allows researcher to drill exit pattern.

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